THE BORGIAS Season 1 DVD Contest


The Borgias Season 1 DVD

Seat42f and Showtime have teamed up to give 15 lucky winners a copy of THE BORGIAS Season 1 on DVD. Contest ends March 29th. Winners will be notified on March 30th via email so make sure to use a valid email address when you post your comment. Winners chosen via social media photo tags will be contacted via their social media account.

The Borgias Season 2 Premiere Date : Sunday, April 8th at 10PM ET/PT

How Do I Enter? Provide a funny/witty meme caption for one, two, three, four or all five of the photos below. You know, the white block letters people add on Be as funny and snarky as you want. Copy and paste the text below and start meme captioning.

Photo #1
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4
Photo #5

Want Even More Chances To Win? Contestants can upload and tag their photos created on to Facebook (, Twitter (@Sho_Network) or Instagram (@Showtime).  Showtime we’ll choose their favorites to share in a gallery and each time you upload a photo to a social site you’ll get an extra entry. Important : Make sure to tag your entries with @Seat42f as well as the Showtime tags. One entry per photo per social site ( Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) Quick math means 15 extra chances to win ( 3 social networks x 5 photos = 15 extra chances).

Seat42f will chose the best 3 captions for each photo for a total of 15 total winners. Each contestant can only win one season 1 DVD.

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The Borgias Season 1


The Borgias Season 1


The Borgias Season 1


The Borgias Season 1


The Borgias Season 1

The Borgias Season 2 Premiere Date : Sunday, April 8th at 10PM ET/PT

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  • Becca

    Photo #1 ” Did I order the chicken or the pork”
    Photo #2 “Nice abs”
    Photo #3 ” Did I wash my beard?”
    Photo #4 “I give to my right hand” ( this ones tough :) )
    Photo #5 “This helmet makes me look AWESOME”

  • Sue Lukenbaugh

    Photo #1 When they said beer before liquor, I should have listen.
    Photo #2 This will only hurt for a second, whatever you do don’t sneeze.
    Photo #3 Your hair smells like dragonfly wings when they’re pulled off their tiny bodies.
    Photo #4 Are we not shaking? I didn’t peg you as the knuckles type.
    Photo #5 Oh no he didn’t. I told him I was wearing the red plumed helmet today.

  • Kyle Nolan

    1 – did I remember to shut the over off before I left?
    2 – you really need to get those buttons fixed
    3 – I hope my wife’s not watching this
    4 – this glove is made of fine Corinthian leather
    5 – I will cut you with my stare

  • Valerie

    Photo 1: Bitches be trippin’.
    Photo 2: I want a new one.
    Photo 3: I will kill everything you love if I don’t get a pony.
    Photo 4: And here are the prostitutes. Not a pretty sight, I know, but serviceable enough.
    Photo 5: Look at your life, look at your choices!

  • Bn100candg

    1. How did I get into this mess?
    2. Nope, we don’t look alike after all.
    3. What kind of shampoo do you use?
    4. You saw me give the order. Follow it.
    5. Am I going in the right direction?

  • SpewHole

    #1: “I should have checked the neck…”
    #2: “This will hurt me more than it hurts you.”
    #3: “Mmm…you smell like bacon.”

  • Rauno211

    #1 I have to use a public bathroom…
    #2 Why are you topless in my room?
    #3 Your ears are dirty.
    #4 So I told them, I aint joining no damn army.
    #5 Bitch, I’m fabulous.

  • Evan

    Photo #1  – Sexy and I know it.Photo #2 – You focusing more on the cardio or weight training?
    Photo #3 – That hairstyle doesn’t suit you … sorry.Photo #4 – I already told him his hairstyle wasn’t favourable!Photo #5 – Look at him, now look at me. Again to him, now back to me!

  • Deb P

    #1.  Oh God.  Not Ned Flanders confessional again.
    #2  Pinochio, all I can recommend is to be a bit more truthful.
    #3 Maybe a kiss will turn him into Sean Bean.
    #4  Which one of you gladiators threw this net over my head?
    #5 Kate Middleton – eat your heart out!

  • Robert

    Photo #1 – So fresh and so clean, clean.
    Photo #2 – More sunlight needed. It’s good for you.
    Photo #3 – Is that your real hair? I’ll kiss you anyway …
    Photo #4 – Unsure why I kissed the guy moments ago.
    Photo #5 – I am dressed to the nines. Watch out.

  • Mary N.

    Photo #1 – Rodin thinker FTW.
    Photo #2 – Get your own red robe!

  • Teddy24

    Photo #1 – I’d kill for a backrub.
    Photo #2 – Waxing? This is a period piece.
    Photo #3 – I love the smell of a bearded man in the morning.
    Photo #4 – Ladies and gentlemen my right hand.
    Photo #5 – Look into my eyes.

  • MadisonTN

    Photo #2 – A bowl cut with those abs, seriously?

  • Marlene

    Photo#1 – I’m surrounded by idiots!
    Photo#2 – Would you REALLY bend over backwards for God?
    Photo #3 – Let me tell you a little secret…
    Photo #4 – So many men to choose from and so little time.
    Photo #5 – Am I up wind or down wind?

  • Maggie

    Photo #1 – A modified version of “Tebowing”.

    Photo #2 – What’s with the haircut and bangs, dude?

    Photo #3 – The shampoo you use … the aroma … otherworldly!

    Photo #4 – Gotta pick up some of the aforementioned otherworldly shampoo. Seriously!

    Photo #5 – I usually save this look for my soap opera cameo roles.

  • Rosemarie

    Photo #1 – My kids and their report cards. Will things ever improve?

    Photo #2 – Aren’t you cold, man?

    Photo #3 – Why aren’t you wearing a helmet like everyone else ?

    Photo #4 – Anyone have a spare helmet? I’m down for a midday battle.

    Photo #5 – She sure isn’t borrowing my helmet.

  • Rick Hughes

    #1.  White hat, white robe?
    #4  Seriously, pull my finger.

  • Todd

    Photo #1 – Migraine headaches – why must they affect me?
    Photo #2 – You look foolish right about now.
    Photo #3 – Good choice with the aftershave.
    Photo #4 – The Invisible Handshake.
    Photo #5 – I pose (because I can).

  • Greta

    1 – decisions, decisions, decisions
    2 – my contract says no full nudity
    3 – he smells of stale mead, lovely
    4 – how far is it to the castle
    5 – rock me amadeus

  • Hatie72

    1 – I should have been a painter
    2 – eyes UP here
    3 – I prefer a kiss on the slips to a sniff of the beard
    4 – has anyone seen my other glove
    5 – look into my eyes…..

  • Marcy

    1 – How long do I have to hold this pose?
    2 – All the rage in Paris, my ass!
    3 – Closer….Closer…Closer..
    4 – My name is Inigo Montoya..prepare to die.
    5 – A badass never pays for drinks.

  • Sharpey

    3 – i think you need a hair cut

  • DanielleB.

    Photo #1 Do I really sound like Scar from Lion King?
    Photo #2 No need to take your shirt off. This is just intro to pilates.
    Photo #3 I’m not very good at the telephone game.
    Photo #4 So the loo is on the right?
    Photo #5 I am Spartacus!

  • William Norris

    Photo #1 If I don’t move for hours maybe they’ll go away
    Photo #2 It’s a period piece. No waxing.
    Photo #3 You look and smell of a medieval dave grohl
    Photo #4 Shazam!
    Photo #5 Is this brass or gold?

  • Marc-Andre Taillefer

    1 – did I remember to shut the over off before I left?
    2 – you really need to get those buttons fixed
    3 – I hope my wife’s not watching this
    4 – this glove is made of fine Corinthian leather
    5 – I will cut you with my stare

  • Vrday68

    I would love to win this. Thanks

  • Erin Cook

    Photo #1 – Does anyone have an advil? 
    Photo #2- I told you no shoes no shirt no service obviously you can’t read
    photo #3-Your hair smells so fresh, what did you use on it?
    photo #4- If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself
    photo #5- She looks fine, wonder if I have chance?  

  • Laurie Emerson

    1. I knew I shouldn’t have had that last Margarita
    2. So you think you’re too sexy for your shirt do you?
    3.  You looked like a man who could use some sweet nothings in your ear.
    4. Remember, talk to the hand!
    5. I’m ready for my close up Mr. DeMille.

  • Vmkids3

    my daughter would love this
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  • Marjorie2

    Photo #1 Damn Hyenas… I could have been King! –
    Photo #2 Looks like we got a situation up in here! –
    Photo #3 Mmm… The Axe Effect! –
    Photo #4 Say, would you like a chocolate covered pretzel? –
    Photo #5 Maybe he’s born with it… Maybe it’s Maybelline –

  • Dbivens

    1.  Let me see.  How did that go?  Now I lay me down……no, no, no, that’s not it.
    2.  Yes, you did a pretty good job at washing up this time.
    3.  Ummmmm…Old Spice.
    4.  Go out there boys and take one for the Pope.
    5.  Armour-check, helmet-check, pretty red plume-check, look that could kill-check.

  • Janet B.

    Photo #1 – Let see, after dinner I can kill the jester, then I’ll terrify a few peasents…
    Photo #2 – Put it back on – you’re really not my type.
    Photo #3 – Um!  Your shampoo really does smell like a spring breeze!
    Photo #4 – Ok I kissed hin. Now pay up.
    Photo #5 – I feel pretty.  Oh so pretty.

  • Ezmerelda

    Photo #1: (WWJPD) What would John Paul II do?
    Photo #2: Looks like we have a Situation.
    Photo #3: Smells like teen spirit.
    Photo #4: And over here, the papal states.
    Photo #5: Only 500 years until sunglasses are invented.

    ezmerelda at mail dot come

  • GentleBen40

    Photo #1 – Oy Gevalt!
    Photo #2 – You can benefit from using my patented ABsolution Master
    Photo #3 – Love your heavy metal outfit and rock star hair, but dude, lose some weight!
    Photo #4 – You have a firm handshake, my imaginary friend
    Photo #5 – A dull knight in non-shining armour

  • matt pleem

    Photo 1 – I cant believe I used so much bleach

  • Judith (from Israel)

    Photo # 1 – If only I could press RESET.

  • jworzala

    #1. I need to take a Pope

  • Scott Dickinson

    Photo #1 – Where tebowing originally started.Photo #2 – Looks like you can use some rubber nipples.Photo #3 – Your fly is down. Photo #4 – Really? I look like Jennifer Lawerence from the Hunger Games?Photo #5 – I need to change my pants now..

  • Angela Jacobs

    #5  You look MARVELOUS!

  • Frank Kerner

    Photo #1 – It’s hard work and sacrifice living in a Borgias Paradise.
    Photo #2 – Just bend over and the dragon will go in his cave.
    Photo #3 – Mmmm… The smell of metal really turns me on.
    Photo #4 – …the f$@* is this?
    Photo #5 – The sun’s going down.  Better drink my own piss.

  • Ijessica_r

    Photo #1 – Ugh. You’re no Xena, that for sure. Photo #2 – You ran into Xena, didn’t you?
    Photo #4 – Hi! My name is who, my name is what, my name is shikkashikka Slim ShadyPhoto #5 –  Trying to take me from the rear, typical woman.

  • Jim lynam


  • Derk Thomas

    Photo #1 What do the Jets want with Tim TebowPhoto #2 I’m not wearing anything under my red moo mooPhoto #3 No not feeling it even with my eyes closedPhoto #4 A firm handshake is all your gettingPhoto #5 She is totally checking out the size of my sword.

  • Deb K

    PHOTO # 1- I really need some Advil, oh crap, it hasn’t been invented yet.

    Photo #2- When I win the next poker hand, your pants are next!

    Photo #3- Hmm, I usually just use a twig to clean my ears, but hey, your better lookin!

    PHOTO # 4- Why yes, I always wear one glove, and how bout you Sir Michael?

    PHOTO # 5- I will hypnotize them all with my incredible good looks.

  • Charlene Kuser

    Photo #1- Now where did I hide that money
    Photo #2 I told you to fight like a man
    Photo #3 I must be dreaming
    Photo #4 As you can see they are all watching me
    Photo #5 I can’t wait to take this ridiculous costume off

  • sarah woods

    thaks for the opportunity to enter for the Borgias DVD  sarah woods/

  • James

    Photo 1  Why am i stuck in this job?
    Photo 2 : Son.  Please put a shirt on?
    Photo 3:  Psst.  I’m not wearing any underwear
    Photo 4:  What do you mean i didn’t win?
    Photo 5: Hey World: Look at me

  • gkran

    #1 I guess this means I won’t be getting dessert.

  • Mildred

    Photo 1 – I should’ve known that there was a reason for the great benefits package….
    Photo 2 – Who told you THAT six-pack would get you into our paintings?