SOUTH PARK Season 15 BLURAY Contest



Seat42f and Paramount Home Entertainment have teamed up to give THREE lucky winners a copy of SOUTH PARK : SEASON 15 on BLURAY. For a chance to win leave a comment below telling us why you want to add SOUTH PARK : SEASON 15 to your BLURAY collection. Only one entry per person. Contest ends March 27th. Winners will be notified on March 28th via email so make sure to use a valid email address when you post your comment.

Release Date: March 27th, 2012

“South Park: The Complete Fifteenth Season” will be released on Blu-ray and DVD by COMEDY CENTRAL Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution.  In addition to all fourteen uncensored episodes from “South Park’s” landmark 15th season, the Blu-ray and DVD include the groundbreaking documentary “6 Days to Air: the Making of South Park”, a first-ever look behind-the-scenes at South Park Studios that gives fans an insider’s look at the making of an episode.  The bonus features are rounded out with “6 Days to Air: Behind the Scenes of ‘City Sushi,’” mini-commentaries by creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and never-before-seen deleted scenes.

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  • Seth Sharp

    I should win because I’m no negative nancy but will be if you don’t pick me

  • SpewHole

    I  want to add to my collection because my whole family gets a kick out South Park and we were all excited to have access to it on Netflix-streaming, but a Blu-ray…nothing would beat that quality.  Exciting.

  • 1234lior


  • Evan

    Thank you – great series and they’ve got serious longevity. The show began way back in the day when I was in high school back just past the mid-90s and is still going strong. Kudos to Matt, Trey, and everyone involved!

  • Deb P

    Because it’s so funny.

  • nygf

    Because those kids are crazy!

  • cjfurious

    It’s the greatest, smartest, funniest damn television series on TV!

  • Marc-Andre Taillefer

    Because it’s so funny.

  • MountainCat

    This would fill a couple of categories in my Blu-ray collection that absolutely nothing else could fill!

  • Robert

    One of the funniest, long-running cartoons/animated shows around. Thanks for the contest!

  • Debbie Bashford

    I have watched South Park since the very beginning and would love to add anything SP related to my library

  • Brianna

    I would love to win this Bluray because I’ve been watching South Park since the age of 6 and have had no episodes on DVD, I love season 15 so much and would adore it if I had it on a disc.

  • MBGrammer

    Great show…. still sharp

  • Bn100candg

    Because it’s a fun show

  • Ted Kooper

    best cartoons after the simpsons

  • Arash naghdi

    I have watched South Park for over 5 years now, you could say I am addicted to it….. and you would be right

  • Maggie

    South Park is just a great series overall. They push the envelope, but have remained fresh for many years. Hard to believe they’ve been around so long (and counting). Thanks.

  • yuni18

    It’s funny, entertaining and hands down one of favorite shows of all time!!

  • foweR

    Because South Park is so funny!

  • cat8902

    South Park was a big hit in my middle school years and high school years. My friends still watch them and whenever I go to their house, I always watch it since my friends have almost every season on dvd and we sometimes watch the new episodes on comedy central. It is a hilarious show that could not die as long as people still watch it. I would like to add this movie to my collection so I could be the envy of my friends. 

  • brandon forsyth

    South Park has been my favorite cartoon since high school, would love to add it to the collection

  • rick sawyer

    great show, not afraid to offend

  • Rosemarie

    One of the longest-running animated programs in history … gotta love the shows such as The Simpsons, South Park, and more. Thank you.

  • john

    south park is the best show ever..PERIOD!!! i want to feel jesus’ salvation all over my face

  • Kimberly Wright

    Because the show was never afraid to take chances

  • Anoonymous

    b/c  i love Southpark

  • Alandgeorge

    Because we don’t get cable.

  • Meredith Jones

    I haven’t watched South Park in a long time and would love to get back into it.

  • JeannetteNL1966

    I would love to win b/c South Park is the only cartoon type show that I actually laugh at. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • AG

    I have been a South Park fan since season 1

  • Dan

    would like to win this south park is such a classsic show and so funny!

  • Alex Vazquez

    My husband and I love South Park — so funny. We have been so busy that we haven’t seen any of this season!

  • Angela M

    I’d like to win SOUTH PARK : SEASON 15 because it’s been my husbands favorite show for years — I’d like to surprise him.

  • paca

    It’s so funny!

  • Kristy Elmore

    Love love love me some south park

  • Kristina G.

    This would be awesome to win!!!!!!

    • Kristina G.

      Opps!! I was trying to delete this comment!! Please don’t count it as an entry!!

  • Kristina G.

    This would be awesome to win because South Park is the best and I have been watching since forever!!!!

  • Claudia C

    I would love to win South Park: Season 15 because I never stop laughing when I watch their stuff – it’s humor at its best!

  • Lisa Cannavan

    I would love to win South Park Season 15 because I am a huge South Park fan and this would complete my collection.

  • Guest

    My sons just love love South Park so I’d love to win this for them

  • Todd

    A friend of the family has worked on the sound editing and/or scoring for the show years back. Definitely plenty of fun. Thanks for the contest here!

  • Jmc5000

    I am a huge south park fan

  • Merlin329

    huge fan

  • Robert Bradshaw

    I love their humor in this stuffy, non-politically correct world

  • Justin W.

    I need this set.  It will go so nice with the other seasons!

  • Igor Gl

    cool! huge South Park fan

  • Angel_3123

    loooove south park!

  • Andrea S

    I’d love to add this to the collection of SouthPark dvd’s we already have! Would look great in our collection, and was a hilarious season!

  • Leon Durham

    I want to add South Park to my collection because it is my favorite animated program of all time behind The Simpsons, of course 😉

  • Journeysof TheZoo

    Because my husband loves it and we don’t currently have it.

  • Dave

    I would love to add this to my collection because I have been watching this show since I was in grammar school and I just graduated college !!!!

  • Will Batchelder

    Because south park is the only thing that I love in this world. It. Brings me to tears how funny it is. I have seen every episode and I have every other season on DVD. Please help me complete my collection!!!!

  • PV-DJ

    would love to have this collection of South Park, Not allowed to watch it so if I had my own collection this would solve this problem thanks

  • TechTwit

    This is my son’s favorite show, but he misses it a lot.  Winning this would really excite him!

  • itsrob11

    Would love to win this set. This show just keeps getting better and better

  • Marlene

    I have been watching south park since I was a child and would love to add this to my collection!

  • at00

    It’s a great show because it’s got no respect.

  • Hockey1defense8

    pls my hubby would love:)

  • Dave McG

    Southpark is by far the best show on TV, and I only watch blu-rays now that I have an awesome TV

  • Steph F




  • Jayme Isaacs

    I Want To Add This To My Blu-Ray Collection Because I Love South Park

  • ehunken

    Can’t believe it’s lasted so long….I LOVE SOUTH PARK!