ONE TREE HILL Season 8 Episode 4 We All Fall Down Recap

One Tree Hill We All Fall Down

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This week the Tree Hill gang continues to deal with the aftermath of Clay and Quinn’s shooting and Brooke’s company’s collapse. Nathan shocks us with a decision about his NBA career and Brooke may throw away everything she’s worked for.


This week the Tree Hill gang continues to deal with the aftermath of Clay and Quinn’s shooting and Brooke’s company’s collapse. Nathan shocks us with a decision about his NBA career and Brooke may throw away everything she’s worked for.

In order to begin recovering from all of the recent tragedies Haley volunteers at the Crisis Intervention Center answering phone calls. Unfortunately, the biggest crisis she has to help with is a female caller who just ruined dinner dessert and needs an urgent fix.

Brooke visits Victoria in prison and Victoria surprises her with detailed plans on how to revive Clothes Over Bros. Victoria seems to be channeling Martha Stewart when she was behind bars. Speaking of Martha, if you haven’t seen Martha’s jab at Oprah on Oprah’s show this week, go watch it!

Haley and Nathan agree to have Quinn stay at their house until Clay gets out of the hospital. Haley tells Quinn and asks her not to argue about it, so Quinn accepts the offer without a peep. Haley wheels Quinn out in a wheelchair, per hospital policy, but before they go Haley has a brief breakdown thinking about her mom dying and being happy that Quinn pulled through.

Alex and Chase go on a golf date which also involves truth or dare. Alex sucks at golf so Chase pretty much gets to make her do all the truth telling or dare doing. Alex does know how to dress the part though, she wears a short top and skirt with no underwear. She causes a golf cart traffic jam at the first hole. She reveals a couple secrets throughout the date, like that she’s never been in love. We’ll see if Chase can change that. Chase also reveals the secret that he was a “clean teen” back in high school which Alex thinks is cute.

One Tree Hill We All Fall Down

Photo : CW

Julian surprises Brooke with a trip to the Biltmore Estate to help cheer her up after the whole ordeal of Victoria going to prison and her company nearing collapse. Brooke feels like she shouldn’t be living it up at the Biltmore though when all of her investors are suffering. Julian tries his best to reassure her, but later Brooke gets a big dose of reality when an investor shows up at the Clothes over Bros store and tells Brooke that due to her company’s lies he can’t afford to send his daughter to college anymore. This devastates Brooke so she goes to Victoria to tell her that she’s going to liquidate the company in order to pay back all of the investors who lost money. Victoria tells Brooke that this will be the biggest mistake of her life.

On the last hole of golfing Alex hits the ball off a tree and the golf cart and the balls goes onto the green. Lucky shot! Chase also hits it onto the green just a little closer. But, it’s Alex who puts the ball in first beating Chase and getting him to “do whatever she wants him to.” So what does she tell him to do? Simply kiss her on the cheek. Cue the AWWW! Chase takes Alex home after golfing and she tells him that she likes him so she’s not going to invite him inside. The gentleman that Chase is, he goes on his way which surprises Alex so she ends up inviting him inside anyway. Smooth move, Chase!

Quinn asks Nathan to go to the beach house to get her stuff. When Nathan arrives at the taped off beach house with blood all over the carpet and walls, he flashes back to the night of the shooting seeing Clay and Quinn laying there dying. Quinn later asks him once she’s back at their house how the beach house was and he just says it was fine. That night he goes to the bar with Julian who has been helping watch Jamie. Julian tells Nathan that Jamie has been playing baseball and loving it. This news takes Nathan by surprise because he had no idea Jamie was even playing baseball. He decides right there and then that he’s going to quit the NBA, mainly due to his back but also because  he’s missing out on being the father he wants to be to Jamie. He goes home and breaks the news to Haley who takes it really well, in fact she tells him that she’s happy and that through the tragedies she’s learned that money and things mean nothing. So true!

When Julian gets home from the bar Brooke breaks the news to him that she’s going to liquidate the company. She tells him that she’s been through all the options and this is her only option in order to pay back the investors. When Brooke goes to the accountant the next day though she learns that even liquidating what the company is currently worth she can only return 70% to the investors. So, Brooke tells the accountant to liquidate all of her personal wealth as well, which will cover the rest. This will leave Brooke with absolutely nothing but she says to do it regardless. I’m just going to say, she’s a much better person than me.

The episode ends with Haley finally getting a call from someone in need at the Crisis Center. Julian starts working on what looks to be a film project about Nathan and his career in the NBA. Quinn goes to the hospital to cuddle with Clay. And, Nathan returns to the beach house to start scrubbing away the blood.

Can you believe Brooke is really going to get rid of EVERYTHING? Would any of you do that if you were in her position? I definitely would not.

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