LAW & ORDER SVU Season 13 Episode 2 Personal Fouls Photos

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LAW & ORDER SVU Season 13 Episode 2 Personal Fouls Photos : WHEN A WELL-RESPECTED BASKETBALL COACH (GUEST STAR DAN LAURIA) IS ACCUSED OF SEXUAL ABUSE, DETECTIVES OLIVIA BENSON (MARISKA HARGITAY) AND ODAFIN TUTUOLA (ICE-T) ARE JOINED BY NEW DETECTIVE NICK AMARO (DANNY PINO) TO UNCOVER THE TRUTH ABOUT A STAR PLAYER’S (GUEST STAR MEHCAD BROOKS) PAST. SPECIAL APPEARANCE BY CARMELO ANTHONY AND CHRIS BOSH.As Coach Ray Masters (Lauria) is inducted to the Metro Basketball Hall of Fame by former students Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh, an ex-player accuses the coach of sexually abusing him as a child. Detective Nick Amaro (Pino) transfers into the SVU squad and is thrown on to the case. The detectives interview former players but no one admits to abuse, forcing Benson (Hargitay) and Fin (Ice-T) to dig deeper into Coach Ray’s most successful player, basketball star Prince Miller (Brooks) and his manager/cousin (guest star Heavy D.) Also starring: Kelli Giddish (Detective Amanda Rollins) and Dann Florek (Captain Donald Cragen.)

Photos : Virginia Sherwood/NBC

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