History Renews VIKINGS For A Second Season

Vikings History-Channel
  • CT

    Enjoying the series. Look forward to Season 2. Thanks.

  • Travis Vang

    I’ve been really impressed by Vikings so far, and I’m glad to hear it has done well enough for History Channel that they would pick it up for a second season. The cast, especially Travis Fimmel, has been great and I’m anxious to see how it all turns out. There are a few episodes from this season I still need to catch up with because I usually work nights at DISH, so I haven’t been home to watch live. Thankfully I don’t have to be home to catch up with Vikings because I have the DISH Anywhere app on my iPad. I can watch any show recorded to my DVR, anywhere I go, so I can watch during my commute every day.

    • Thom

      This sounds less like a legitimate post, and more like spam… You’re either an idiot, with poor grammar, or an idiot, who spams… That is all. On the original topic, nice work History Channel for renewing Vikings. While it’s not entirely accurate historically speaking, it is entertaining, and there’s nothing wrong with artistic licence. Shame the same can’t go for the other programming they have… Ancient Aliens, anyone!? My word… And, don’t get me started on their “reality” programming – which, while not scripted, is entirely contrived.

  • Tyler

    Absolutely love Vikings! Gritty without being pretentious or garish.
    Yay for season 2!

  • themanuelrc

    season 2 😀

  • DLA

    Exellent show! Watched every episode so far and look forward to the finale.. and the return next year!! Well Done Vikings!

  • Plamcheg

    It was predictable.

  • jin

    Great Series there is always interesting way to show the history

  • friedrice

    2014??? Please don’t make me wait that long!

  • mikem1211

    Best new series in 2013!
    MGM-History should have renewed it for a 13 to 20 episode season.
    What a wonderful series.

  • lisa temple

    2014?! Way too long! Love the series – thirsty for more!