Easy Money DVD
  • Deb

    I really like these Scandinavian films. Please let me win.

  • MountainCat

    I hadn’t heard of this film before, but from what I’ve learned, this is a first-rate thriller. Since I already love Swedish thrillers (I have several), this would make a natural and welcome addition to my movie library. Thanks for this contest!

  • Kyle Nolan

    Sounds exciting–never heard of it before.

  • Ben Kucharski

    Saw this movie back around the end of the Killing Season 1. Back when it was a foreign “foreign film.” 😉 Loved it! Snabba Cash!

  • at00

    I’d like to see some action with a different take.

  • Andrea Amy

    would love to see this, looks like a great movie

  • Pac

    I haven’t heard of Easy Movie but I want to see it.

  • Evan

    This would be good for the home collection. Crime thriller = sounds intriguing. Thank you!

  • godan2

    looks like a fun one, want to see it!

  • Brentwood Trainer

    looks like a great action film. would love to see it

  • GMan

    Looks very serious but still a good watch

  • fgyn

    I’d like to see Easy Money because it looks like an intense drama.

  • bill norris

    from all of the info ive seen it looks cool, would love to watch

  • Paul Brian McCoy

    Because Safe House was well made and I’d love to see what Espinoza did before getting his Hollywood break.

  • InfiniteMidnight

    Love crime dramas and have not seen Joel Kinnaman in anything other than “The Killing.” I thought he did a great job in that so I’d be interested to see him in a film.

  • Allan

    Looks like a decent crime film. Love to win it!