BEING HUMAN Season 3 Episode 1 It’s A Shame About Ray Photos

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BEING HUMAN Season 3 Episode 1 It's A Shame About Ray

BEING HUMAN Season 3 Episode 1 It’s A Shame About Ray Photos

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  • BobSmith111

    Great photos! I haven’t seen the episode all the way through yet, and I think more questions will be raised in this episode. Personally, I’m glad that Syfy still airs quality programming like Being Human. I’ve been watching what I can of the episodes with my co-workers at DISH on our lunch break, and we can’t get enough. So at home, I’ve been recording all the episodes on my Hopper DVR from DISH, so that I can store all the episodes on the 2 terabyte hard drive (which can store up to 2000 hours of awesome entertainment), so I can watch all them again in their entirety. I like having a Hopper DVR from DISH, because I can record up to 6 live HD channels at once during primetime (including my 4 local HD networks, and 2 channels of my choosing), so I’ll never miss a recording of Being Human due to any DVR conflicts!