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  • john Carl

    i would love this to my collection Cause i have all Marvel an comic book movie dvd’s and i never win anything anywhere HELP a fanatic out SIDESHOW would love any thing from you guys 

  • bill norris

    if Marvel had to pick any of the art/story teams to choose from for a kick butt animated movie its the team of  Joss Whedon and John Cassaday. This series rocks and if you havent read the comics this is from, run do not walk, to your local comic shop/bookstore and get these to read. Youll be glad you did…..oh yeah would love to win this!

  • Kyle Nolan

    Looks neat–I’ll watch anything Joss Whedon

  • dan malenki

    Because I love the X-men.

  • Paula Tavernie

    The boys would love to watch this!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  • JKrabbie

    I’d like to win because I remain a big Marvel & X-Men fan.

  • Susan Smith

    My son would love this.

  • DebP

    I’m a big Marvel and X-Men fan from waaay back, and I love everything that Joss Whedon has had a hand in.

  • Slb3334

    Looks interesting.

  • Caitlin McClure

    I haven’t seen it and would love to

  • cjfurious

    It’s all about team X-Men.

  • agordon10

    my son loves the xmen he’d love this

  • kelsweeps

    x me on your list!

  • Allen S

    My kids love the X-Men.

  • mindy aptecker

    awesome thanks

  • SpewHole

    Because X-Men is awesome…and I’m a kid-at-heart.

  • Bn100candg

    Because I  like this show and would like to watch it

  • April Brenay

    My husband is an X-men fanatic! he has comics from when he was a kid and full sets of x-men trading cards.

    ssgsweeps @hotmail .com

  • Judith (from Israel)

    Actually, I want to win ASTONISHING X-MEN: DANGEROUS for my son-in-law.

  • Rongrande

    i’d like to win this for meself

  • Cody

    I’ve been obsessed with X-Men since I was a kid, particularly the awesome Fox cartoon in the ’90’s, so I would love the opportunity to see this!

  • Gary Vanicek

    Looks interesting

  • Linda Peters

    hubby would love this, thanks

  • paca

    The X-Men are my favorite superhero team.

  • Evan

    Thank you. Plenty of action and adventure from a great franchise (X-Men). A copy would be greatly appreciated.

  • Marc-Andre Taillefer

    The X-Men are my favorite superhero team.

  • jlafount

    I enjoy the X-men

  • Jim lynam

    I think the X-MEN are awesome.
    I have their comics.
    I want to win this.

  • Ronald Oliver

    I wanna win the ASTONISHING X-MEN: DANGEROUS DVD! Because I am a BIG FAN of  the X-Men Universe! the comics, the live-action movies, the action figures…you name it! I’m your guy when it comes to ALL things Marvel!  Make Mine Marvel!  :-)

    oliverspendulum (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • nygf

    Has great and unique characters.

  • cat8902

    I am a big time fan of X-Men, I watched the entire five seasons of the animated series of the 90s tv hit show and own the entire seasons and watched every film released as well own. I have collected every single cards of marvel and have an entire collection action figures of marvel comics and Dc comics as well since I was 8. This would be a fantastic item to own and add to my rare collection of X-Men.

  • angie

    It is action packed and exciting.

  • Robert

    This looks really good. The X-Men franchise never dissapoints, and is always full of action/adventure. Thank you!

  • Rosemarie

    Action and adventure. All that good stuff that X-Men are known for. Thank you!

  • Mverno

    this is a family of x-men fans

  • at00

    It’s got a great cast of characters.

  • ckg1

    I watched the X-Men on Fox Kids back in the day, and I’m interested to see Joss Whedon’s take on it.

  • NotEd

     I’m an X-men fan from long ago.  Would love to see it.

  • Maggie

    My kids have enjoyed all things X-Men over the years. Thank you.

  • foweR

    Marvel comic fans love the team.

  • Leona Pullyard

    I want it for my son he would like it

  • GentleBen40

    I should be a member of X-men, but my mutant power is avidly watching great action cartoons!

  • Sharpey

    my son would love this

  • Diane Baum

     My son would flip for this

  • Art


  • tamar

    I love Xmen

  • Daniel M

    been wanting to see this new one

  • Wgbc1446

     My grandsons would love this show! 

  • Jennifer

    I want to add it to my collection because I like xmen movies

  • theyyyguy

    This would be for my nieces!

  • Tom Shewbridge

    X-men are Xciting!!

  • Juliabaxter

    My brother would love this video!

  • Deb K

    I’d love to win this for my nephew!

  • Vmkids3

    my family would like this one

  • Janice Black

    love the xmen..crushing on wolverine

  • Andrea Henry

    Gambit is the man…. i love xmen ….fun for a weekend show.

  • Charles Brown

    I have love xmen since I was a kid.

  • Melanie Comello

    Because it is one of the very few that i’m missing so far!

  • Nicole C.

    I want to add this to my collection because my nephew would love it!

  • jworzala

    I dig the Xmen

  • Tim Moss

    Love X-Men & I’d love to won this!

  • Amy DeLong

    my kids love x men

  • Clarkmurdock

    My hubby would love it.

  • Erica Carnes

    My nephew would enjoy this.

  • Shirley Pebbles

    My husband would actually love this.

  • dawn

    I love the X-men

  • Ada

    I’ve loved X-Men since I was in grade school!

  • Atreau

    My nephew would love this, he’s a huge fan!

  • Ashlee Ostrander

    I want to add it to my collection because I am a huge fan!

  • christyschultz

    I love X-men…

  • Joel.sternenberg

    yes  just  dig it

  • DanV

    I’d like this for my kids

  • gkran

    I’d like it for my boys.

  • ehunken

    Love the X-men. Would love this!